Opportunities,come in our lives,few times.If we welcome opportunities,in right time,you get the benefit.How about make opportunities,ourselves.By making opportunities ourselves,we progress in our life rapidly.People who make opportunities run,after them,are real successful people.People who wait ,for opportunities,always,are late in their lives.So,do we wait for opportunity,or do we make opportunities?

నేను నా మాతృభాషను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను.నా మాతృభాష  తెలుగు.నేను నా మాతృభాషలో మాట్లాడినా,చదివినా,విన్న ఎంతో సంతోషం కలుగు తుంది.ప్రతి మనిషికి తన మాతృభాష మీద గౌరవం,భక్తి,ప్రేమ ఉంటే మనని మనము మర్యాదించుకున్నట్లు.

మీ మాతృభాషలో మీరు వ్రాసినట్లు ఇతర భాషలో వ్రాయగలరా?ఎంతైనా మన మాతృభాషలో చక్కగా అర్ధమయేటట్టు మాట్లాడగలము,వ్రాయగలము.మన మనస్సుకి ఎంతో ఆహ్లాదంగా ఉంటుంది.

మన మాతృభాషను గౌరవిద్దాము.

Friendship is always to be maintained in the most friendly,cordial way.Be a good friend.It is said “A friend in need is always,a friend indeed.”

Have good friends & never leave them.Cherish good friendship,for your life time.

I want friends,all times.

Generally,human nature is to hesitate,when some one asks,you to tell,frankly,what you wish to say.This,is quite common,nothing wrong,in this.But,are you,feeling comfortable,by not being frank?


A good question,to ourself.We always wish to tell,frankly,what is in our mind.But,circumstances,situations,prevail,on our mind,and we try,to say,very little,or sometimes,nothing.


How do you,solve this.Difficult.But,nothing wrong in trying to say,frankly.It so,happens,that after a discussion,we feel,we should,have told frankly,facts.But,it becomes,late.so,decide,before,to tell frankly.Not,feel,bad,after the discussion,is over.


Better,be frank.That helps,one,so much.

One gets older as each day passes.Then weeks,months,years roll by.

But,even then never fell that you have grown older.Feel you are younger,energetic,active,dashing.That thought itself is a driving force for you to lead a happy,contented life.Many feel they are old,unfit,inefficient.This thinking itself snaps all your creativity,good thoughts,able to go ahead,in life.

so,from childhood itself,make it a point to think you are young,energetic,capable.Also,do your works very meticulously,ably,efficiently.why to worry,cry,and feel inferior,if one door is closed.Just go to the next door,open,look around,make your life look,meaningful,beautiful.

That is how everyone of us must look at life.If not,it is you who fail,miss the bus,of a life.Never,ever miss a single opportunity in your life,when you come across.Grab the golden opportunity,do your most best.

Be very positive,fresh,active,energetic,dashing in your life.Then,your friends,colleagues,relatives would like you,love you,come to you to take your advice.

If you always keep a sad face,crying face,negative approach you will not be liked by anyone.They will avoid you.you then become isolated,alone.

Try to keep up in good,high spirits,pep yourself up.see,how friends,colleagues,relatives flock around you.

Finally nurture the thoughts of remaining young.

Be young,like young,do young in your thoughts,actions,always.

we want every one with young thoughts,good thoughts,positive thoughts.It will certainly make a wonderful world,around us.


Today,in any profession or any business,one is expected to show results,as quickly as possible.

Then only you can survive in your profession or in any business.For getting results,one has to work very hard,with lot of concentration,devotion,dedication on the work assigned to you.Naturally each work needs,a certain time period,may be a week,a month,a quarter,a half year,a year,depending on the project you are assigned with.


suppose you do not plan well about your assignment,you end up with unexpected,complications,delays,unexpected,expenditures and finally,end up,in lot of complications.Project stands still.you are in a fix.

So,it is therefore very much necessary to study the pros and cons of the project very much in advance.Decide what way you want to carry out the project,then start working out the minutest details,of the execution,of the project,with a time frame,schedules.

If you do not achieve the expected,minimum results,you are naturally,out.

Then you start trying to shield yourself with umpteen reasons.In the process,you end up in more,complications.

So,try hard to show results,not in giving reasons,sometimes,very silly,reasons.

Give results & not reasons.

Winning friends is a art in itself.

Many of us like to have friends,but fail to win friends.Why?

There are many reasons.We should first understand the nature,behavior of a person before making him,friend.Our approach should be very soft,gentle,calm to make a friend.May be one may have to give sufficient time,to make the friend to know you well.

Many times it so happens,that a person with whom you want to make friend,may turn you down.

some times,some one approaches you willingly,to be your friend.So,it all depends on you,and the person with whom you want to make friendship.

Patience plays a big role in making friends.Many times,the person with whom you want to make friend,might misunderstand you,completely.You and that person might even quarrel,on very silly,clumsy issues.

counseling may also help you to a great extent.

So,it takes time to win friends.But,once you get a friend,see that you maintain very cordial,smooth,gentle,soft relationship.This way you win your friends.

Try,to have good,long lasting friends.





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