Work is worship.So let us all work for the prosperity of humankind.

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  1. Environment is disturbed everytime,everywhere.Just go back 50 years and compare the beautiful nature,calm and quite surroundings.Fresh water sheetings every where.No garbage anywhere,littered.Today we drink water from water bottle,thinking that it is very pure.Are you 100% sure about the purity of this water from sealed,well stamped plastic water bottle.Infact we are to be blamed for all this.We have cut down trees,drove away small birds,made them go away to unknown places to habitate,just in our greed to construct a nice concrete jungle.So these tiny pigeons,doves,cats,dogs search a place to stay and take care of their off spring,we dont allow this too.

    So when will wisdom prevail on us and we start giving respect,regard to our once upon a time beautiful,calm,quite,fresh environment.Will that day come or no ?.

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