Oil’s Well that Ends (via Sects and Violence in the Ancient World)

Now a days the number of events happening on a daily basis such as a oil spill,earthquake,tsunami,Laila,natural disasters,man made disasters are rapidly on the rise.When will wisdom prevail,control ourselves and stop going against our beautiful environment,quite environment,peaceful environment.It seems even God has also given us up.

Oil's Well that Ends Greed has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I like to think it isn’t petty personal greed, but the insatiable corporate variety of greed. Friends send me links to sad commentaries on the Gulf Oil Spill, an event that severely amplifies the cruelty already inherent in nature, but an event that would have been preventable were it not for greed. My friend James from Idle Musings sent me a compelling story from the UK Guardian that poignantly demon … Read More

via Sects and Violence in the Ancient World


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