Biggest Island — Nice news.

GREENLAND.It is the biggest island.Area equal to total area of eight countries.GREENLAND is the biggest island in the world.Island means surrounded by sea around.There are lakhs of islands like that.But there are hundreds of islands where humans live.GREENLAND is one of such island.Its area is total area of FRANCE,BRITAIN,GERMANY,SPAIN,ITALY,AUSTRIA,SWITZERLAND,BELGIUM,means eight countries put together is equal to GREENLAND,naturally biggest ISLAND.
AREA : 2,175,600 Square Kilometers.
Capital : NOOK POPULATION : 15,000
Languages : Greenlandic,Danish
Religion : Protestentism.

GREENLAND is in between ARCHITIC,North Atlantic Oceans,reached by Air only.
Though green is there in the name Greenland,it is covered by 85% white mist.People stay where there is no mist,near sea shores.Though the area is large,population is very meagre.Only 56,000 habitants.Means per every 39 square Kilometer only one inhabitant on an average.So in the world this Island has lowest occupancy per square kilometer.

Approximately 4,000 years back people from Asia,Alaska came here and settled down in GREENLAND.They are called GREENLANDERS.Though it comes geographycally under North America,it comes under the rule of Denmark,from,17th century.In 1946 America tried to buy GREENLAND for Ten crore dollars from DENMARK,but Denmark,did not sell.In 1979 a parliament is formed by DENMARK.In 2009,separate GREENLAND Govt is formed,to rule.
Still some power is there from Denmark.Greenland is trying to be totally independent,soon.
From : NEWS.


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