Education,is a must for all of us.Very few donate for this field.The reasons are many .Lack of funds,lack of will power to donate,for education field.But AZIM PREMJI,has proved to be a different person by donating towards,this noble cause.He has set up a foundation by name “AZIM PREMJI FOUNDATION” and donated 8.7% of his company’s properties.It is a amount equal to Rs.8,846 crores from Rs.80,670 crores.

Owner of Microsoft has donated 50% of his property towards a foundation which he set up for noble causes,such as education and health.
Warren Buffet,another rich gentleman has also donated quite a large amount towards this noble cause.Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet toured in China during last september and motivated many people to donate towards education,health care.
In India it is AZIM PREMJI,who has comeforward to donate such a huge amount.

As per the list made by Forbes :

Among the richest persons in the world,AZIM PREMJI occupies 28th place.

Among richest persons in India,AZIM PREMJI occupies 3rd place.

The value of properties possessed by AZIM PREMJI as per to-day’s valuation is equal to Rs.80,670 crores.

Latest donation by AZIM PREMJI is Rs.8,846 crores.

This amount will go towards education field.

If each person makes a small,medium,big donation towards propagation of EDUCATION,will we not see a different world.

Even if we are not able to donate,let us atleast know about gret,noble persons who are donating for this very noble cause.

Of all the donations one makes,donation towards,EDUCATION,is supposed to be the best donation.

This above information is made very short and is from e-Nadu,daily News Paper dated Friday,December 03,2010.This is a TELUGU daily News Paper.The matter appeared in TELUGU language.

Please do read and feel happy at the News.
It really makes every one of us to be happy.

Please,do excuse me if there are any mistakes.

  1. arvind said:

    will u help me

  2. limbuze said:

    really nice work done by mr. AZIM PREMJI

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