Do not hoard.

It is not easy to part with money,but attachment to wealth is undesirable,said S.Paramasivam.

Hoarding wealth benefits no one.It is of no use to the one who hoards and it is of no use to anyone either.When water stagnates,it begins to stink,and cannot be used.

In the same way,wealth that is hoarded is useless.Again,if the goods on a cargo ship are not offloaded,will the cargo be of use to anyone?Such is the wealth of the one who does not share it with others.

Imagine a well that is surrounded by fertile soil.The land around the well is dependant on water from the well for irrigation.

Though the soil is fertile,if no water from the well is made available,will the land yield anything?Likewise,if a man has wealth,but is hard hearted,those around him will wilt.

We should share our riches with everyone,regardless of whether or not they are related to us,whether or not they are our friends.Suppose a thorn pricks our foot.Is it the other foot that plucks out the thorn?Is it not our hand that plucks out the thorn?In the same way help everyone who needs help,whether they are our kin or not.

Helping those who have helped us is easy.To help those who have refused us help is a sign of divinity.

Helping those who have refused to help us in the past is the best kind of help.Such help may be considered to be bigger than the Universe.Great men make oppertunities to help others.

They do not wait for such oppertunities to come their way.When a man is in difficulty,we must imagine ourselves in such a situation.If we do,we will not hesitate to help.

What happens when our help to a person goes unreciprocated?Then we should think of a coconut tree , which may be in our house,but bends towards our neighbour’s ,so that the coconuts fall in his garden.

We must help,but must not expect that the recipient will help us when we are in need.But the generous are always rewarded in life.

Their wells are full of water,and their land gives them good yield.

From The Hindu,Tuesday,December 14,2010.

Under Religion section.Page 06.


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