Education starts from student level

Education starts from school level when we are taught from a,b,c and d and then slowly,gradually the student is fine tuned as per his/her talents which are observed by the teachers.So,teachers play a very important role in moulding each student,right from a very tender age.Thus,we can certainly imagine,understand,visualise the great role played by teacher.

Teaching is gardening and teachers are gardeners.Teachers should grow trees and not bonsais,said former IAS officer M.Gopalakrishna while stressing on the important role of teachers in shaping the children and the country through them.

He was speaking at a seminar on “Ethics in Teaching” organised by The Hindu Education Plus in association with D.A.V.Public School,Safilguda,Secunderabad and Shree Central Book Shop,Tarnaka  for school teachers.

He said like the gardener knows which plant will grow well in a particular type of soil teachers should imbibe qualities to identify the potential of students and motivate accordingly.When students ask questions,teachers should seize the moment and answer them.That is the time when they will really learn.

He pointed out that teachers must have clarity of concept,context, content,connect and ability to communicate simply and effectively.

Education is a dimension of mind,it’s not a subject.It’s an expansion of the horizons of understanding.

And a teacher has to ensure attention of the student,concentration,observation,memory,imagination and discipline.

Mr.Gopalakrishna felt that a teacher should be a parent,role model,friend,philosopher and guide.Moreover, a teacher has to be a perpetual student.

A real teacher believes in updating,upgrading,and upholding,he said adding that teaching is not a profession but it’s a mission with passion.

The teachers as role models must inculcate the power of knowledge,spirit,heart and hand among the students.They must be a proper alignment of students,teachers,parents and society to get optimum results.

R.Anurag of Shree Central Book Shop,Tarnaka explained the expansion plans and informed the gathering that they have started new outlets at Tarnaka and Kukatpally.

From : THE HINDU,MONDAY,December 13,2010. Hyderabad Edition.

EDUCATION PLUS  Section. Page 04.

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  1. S. Puri said:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, teachers play a very important role in shaping a child’s future. Unfortunately, not many teachers are in the teaching profession for the love and passion of teaching. It’s just another job for many.

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