Bullying starts from home.

We find bullying in schools,colleges very much now a days.Infact bullying starts from home.It happens from elder sister/brother to younger brother/sister,as each one wants to prove superiority in position,strength,at all times,always.There is a pleasure in elders who dominate youngsters.So,the youngsters feel they are outwitted,overpowered by elder ones.


Slowly this habit is carried over to schools,where it is continued with friends,classmates.Daily there will be some incident where this nasty habit of bullying takes place.Sometimes the teachers object and take the matter seriously and try to correct the student who wants to act smart and is asked to behave properly.Sometimes,if unchecked,this bullying takes shape of selfish motives,fighting nature,overpowering.


You might have heard of shooting incidents in a school,where students fire each other using firearms.What a nasty situation,it is to imagine and understand.The teachers are blamed and asked to explain by parents.But,many do not realise that this habit of bullying,started from home,itself.


From school,this scourge is carried forward to college and boarding colleges,in the form of ragging.Each senior plays his villain role to harass his junior.It may be engineering,medicine,or any branch of education,where this ragging is a must.Some colleges try to nip this evil monster in the bud stage,but some become helpless,spectators.It is afterall innocent boys,girls who suffer humiliation,embarassment at the hands of their seniors.


Then this ragging drives the student to commit suicide as the student is unable to bear humiliation,embarassment any more.We see in media,newspapers,daily the horrowing experiences of these poor,innocent students.Then we see acid burning,face injured cases where these are done by students who fail to win the girl whom they love,and rejected.


Why can’t there be strict rules,laws,regulations enacted to curb these atrocities,inhuman behavior by these maniacs,for fun on juniors.How to protect,create confidence in these innocent students.When will there be awareness among all,and put an end to this devil,menace to an end ?.


Hope the situation will certainly improve soon,and students go to schools,colleges,universities with cool,peaceful mind to persue their studies,and settle in their lives,happily.


Please do read this article and give your very valuable comments.Thanks in advance.


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