What is the meaning of share?

Share means give what you can.Generally every human being likes to share his happiness,joy,merriment with others around him/ may share with others money,kind as per the situation.People would like to come forward to share other’s sorrow,unhappiness,grief.There are people who come forward to share their wealth for the education of needy,poor.There are others who share their money for others who lost their home,property due to natural disasters like earthquake,cyclone,tsunamis,laila,so on and so forth.

so,sharing is a natural human tendency,to share happiness,unhappiness,grief,sorrow.we come across certain noble people who give away all that they have,for the benefit of others.They are real noble people.

who takes care of these noble people,who give away every thing they have like house,property,every thing they can lay their hands on?Naturally it is God who takes care of these selfless,noble people.Let there be more noble people in this world,as without them,there is no meaning of sharing.

What is the meaning of snatching?

Snatching means take away others,possessions,property,by force.There are people who take away,others happiness,joy,merriment,as they do not like to see others happiness,joy,merriment.Such people spend their time in thinking about how to snatch away others money,property,possessions,land,so on.They feel very happy,to make others,unhappy.

They go to plunder others property,snatch away what they can lay their hands on.

They are very cruel,unkind,no humanity.They are devils.who punishes them?

It is again God,who punish these wicked,cruel people.The world is full of good,gentle,soft,tender,noble men/women on one hand and cruel,wicked,bad men/women on the other hand.

Both these are closely seen by God from above,and they get what they deserve for their good and bad deeds.

Let us all try to share with others.If we are not able to share,OK.But,let us not snatch from others,at any stage.

Thanks,a lot.

    • Dattatreyulu said:

      I agree to most of what you have said. People who share, do so because it is their attitude and liking and don’t expect anyone to appreciate them or God would take care of them. Similarly snatchers. May be it is too simplistic to expect that God would punish them.

      • Thank you so much for sharing your kind opinion.

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