I have seen God.How?

Daily I go for my morning walk in my apartments campus.I see a middle aged lady putting flowers,lighting oil lamp,pray God.She prays God with total devotion.She does this daily.One day,I made Namaste,means salute this lady with devotion.That lady smiled,and told me why don’t you salute God,and you salute me.I told her that I am seeing her regularly,putting flowers,lighting oil lamp,pray God with devotion.So,I find this lady as a God,and salute her.


So,I find God in her.What exactly I mean to say is daily we come across,so many people,talk,spend time with them.But we find some of them very kind,polite,friendly,ready to help.These qualities are supposed to be found in God.Means we see God in these people,whom we see daily.


I went to a hospital the other day.I met a Doctor,who enquired about my health,problem,very softly,gently.I felt my health problem reduced to half.I told the Doctor,the same feeling of mine.He smiled,and said that it was his basic duty to see patient with gentle touch,polite talk,soft enquiry of my problem.Here again I see God in this Doctor.


Do you also see God in good,kind,soft,gentle people,with whom you come in contact.


In our Hindu culture it is said:

Matru Devo Bhava  means Think mother as God.

Pitru  Devo Bhava  means  Think father  as  God.

Acharya Devo Bhava means Think your guide,teacher,mentor as God.

Athidhi  Devo Bhava  means Think your guest as God.

So,from child hood we see God in mother,father,teacher,guest.Then why not see God in every man/woman who is gentle,soft,kind,generous to you.

I am very happy to see God in every one.Try to see in the same way.you too can see God.

So I have seen God,you have seen God.

  1. Let us see God in each other.What a world it will be.

  2. Amrita said:


  3. P.H. Thyagaraju (husband of Mrs. Padmavathi) said:

    Very good mail. I agree with you, that God comes only in the form of people around.

  4. Therese Ramsauer said:

    Thanks very much for sharing these valuable experiences and thoughts; well written, explained.
    I agree with you, that we can see God in good, kind, soft, gentle, helpful, friendly and generous people.
    And I would like to add, that I can see God not only in such people, but also in the animals and the whole nature around me.

    • I appreciate your thoughts.I agree with you that we can certainly see God in animals,plants,nature around us.God Has created these,to remind us that HE is present every where.we see God,when we are in a neck deep problem,forget HIM,when we are out of the problem.why not pray,see,think about GOD,always.

      Thank you,so much for your very kind comment.

  5. Remember Swami Vivekananda’s words and our basic that ” Each Soul Is Potentially Devine “

  6. Therese Ramsauer said:

    We not only can see God, we also can feel God, around us, and within us. And if we feel, that God is within us, is with us, where ever we go, what ever we do, then we don’t have to feel alone, because at least God is with us.
    Sometimes, we maybe don’t feel the presence of God, as we don’t see alsways the sun, even if the sun is always shining, but God is always here, is always with us, we just need to believe it, deeply. So, let’s also try to feel God around us and within us.

  7. I am so happy to read your very kind comment.This,comment has so much deep meaning in it.I only wish,I read this comment,several times,daily.Thank you,so much.

  8. Therese Ramsauer said:

    Thank you too for your very kind comment, which means a lot to me.

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