Give encouragement,motivate others,to do a particular job,project.


Do you motivate?

If you can motivate a person,group of persons,then go ahead.But make sure,you know how to motivate,whom to motivate,when to motivate,why to motivate.Motivation acts as a driving force,catalyst to go ahead,to complete a work,stopped for motivation.Many people get stuck,sometimes,while carrying on their work,project.They just sit,still,not knowing what to do.They need a slight push,to go ahead.That is called motivation.


Do you get motivated? Always? only some times?

Some people wait to get motivated,by others.They do not apply their own mind,skills,to get motivated,themselves.Instead of waiting,get motivated,get going.It really helps.Try,once.


One must motivate others.Also get motivated.This is a give and take subject.




  1. richokun said:

    encouragement is the stimulus

  2. Therese Ramsauer said:

    Thanks a lot for sharing these interesting thoughts.
    I agree with you, that some people sometimes need a slight push to go ahead in the shape of an encouragement or a motivation, and that it’s important to make sure, whom, how, when and why we motivate them.
    Looking at this subject in a general way I’m convinced, that encouragement, motivation at the right moment and in the right way can sometimes even “move” mountains and realize things, which seemed to be total impossible to realize.
    Encouragement, motivation is indeed a give and take subject – as many other subjects too. And it’s not always easy to distinguish, whether we motivate or get motivated; sometimes it’s both at the same time.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words on this post.By motivation one can make a person achieve his/her goal,which is almost in sight.

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