Let us first understand about weight and then over weight.For every male/female there are certain statistics of height against weight.So first check whether you are normal,medium,heavy,very heavy in your weight in relation to height.

I want to mention over here a very important point.worrying that one is over weight,itself makes you get despaired.Just feel you are having good health,at present and want to maintain the same,always.Just worrying about the subject of over weight is never a solution.


As I am a Textile professional,I can certainly say,how your dress,inner garments,make a difference to your personality.If one is very lean,wears very loose fittings,he/she will look more absurd.Eat well to please yourself.But dress well to please others.So,food,dress play a great role in our personality.Why not look into both these areas in detail.


Always have food of your choice.Never compromise your personal food taste.what you look at is,do take small quantities.In other words,you take a dish of your choice,but cut the size of dish.So you will not feel that you could not eat what you like,most.This is the first systematic cutting down of intake.Slowly,gradually cut the quantity of food you take.


Then do exercise,brisk walk,yoga,meditation,no junk food,less sitting opposite computer.


Then comes your dress.Always get your tops,trousers,inner garments,just comfortable.Not too lose,not skin tight.Look for shade that matches your skin colour.Go for cottons,preferably.synthetics,may look very attractive,but comfort is less.Perspiration,is another take utmost care while buying fabric for stitching.Buy fabric after seeing your tailor.Never have your own rough calculations.


I am sure if you take care of your food intake,exercise,your dress,you can make a difference in your over all personality.

you please never think you are over weight.Your body,its weight,control body weight,look smart are in your own hands.So,make efforts,slowly,gradually and look trim,smart,have a happy life style.


If some one says,you are fat,over weight,ask him to first take a note of his height,weight,dress,food intake.Then you have less number of people commenting on you,your weight.

You are welcome,to ask me any tips,to look smart,better personality wise.




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