Every one of us work hard to achieve our goals.In order to achieve our goals,we have to be mentally,physically strong.Unless we are strong mentally,how can we reach our own set goals.So,it is always better to see that we tune of body system,to be active,energetic.


For this we must take complete mental,physical rest,by sleeping very peacefully.After eight hours of very peaceful sleep,you get up fresh,charged to go ahead with our work for the day.If we do not give required rest to our body,it will not listen to our work schedules.


The more we strain our body,it gets tired,worn out.So,to get it back to normal activity,it needs charging.charging is nothing,but taking total rest,by deep,peaceful sleep for atleast eight hours.Then continue with your mental,physical activity,for next day.Many of us think,our body does not require rest of eight hours,per twenty four hours,in a regular manner.


we just work more number of hours,and by this our mental  as well physical energies,get sapped.At the end we do not achieve the required,results.we feel tired,irritated,restless.why to reach that stage?Instead sleep eight hours,in twenty four hours.

Early to bed,early to rise,makes all of us healthy,wealthy and wise.


Thanks,a lot.

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  1. our body needs rest,with out rest,no one can work,with concentration.

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