Having friends is itself a boon,for all.You would like to have friends,from all ages,both sexes,always.If having friends is a boon,retaining friends,permanently,is another boon.


For retaining friends,one must keep in touch with friends,in their happiness,unhappiness,sorrow,grief.Then only the friendship lasts,long.

Friendship is really a wonderful feeling,where each friend likes to share his/her feelings,openly,intimately,take advice.

In my life I have been able to see friends,remain together,in their thick and thin stages.In fact they are refered as good friends.

One may have a friend from childhood,to death.But,what a joint effort is put by both friends,to retain their friendship,at all stages of life.That is real friendship.In these days,if one comes across such friendship,is it not worth celebrating?

So,make friends & retain friends,permanently.

  1. Jimivega said:


    Nov 20

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    As we live and breathe, we know that relationships are vital to our personal development. No individual can succeed and grow without it alone. We need unbreakable friends in our lives that in spite of their own problems they’re still strong enough to see us through ours and help get us that second wind.

    Ecclesiastes 4; 9-10 explains:”two are better that one because they have a good reward for their labor for if they fall, one will lift up his companion; but, woe to one who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him up”. (Paraphrased). Weather or not your concept of Gods existence is real or not is fine. The philosophy of God and religion is too involved for this discussion.

    But Ok let’s fast forward. Who can we count on to pick us up in our times of despair? Who are the people that we can truly count on? —and won’t let us down. That’s important. (Boy, that’s important). In becoming an adult I realized that the person that one may call friend at the opposite end of your table may not necessarily share the same idea. So, who do you chose to have in your circle of true friends and influences, the person that seemingly made a genuine approach to get to know you, or the individuals with more friends and bigger stuff? This read is just a friendly chat and not to tell you who should become your friends. But instead this is written to help educate you on how to watch out for yourself, and help satisfy that need for inviting positive friends into your life.

    May I tell you that as children without realizing it, we’ve learned to receive stimuli that have become conducive to our personal and emotional growth. The strokes that we received were physical and psychological. Although there are a few other categories of strokes, or stroking, I’ll address the Positive Unconditional Strokes only, because it best fits our subject of companionship for a clearer understanding.

    Many years ago when my son was just a child I took him to work with me for a day. He brought along his brand new cap guns just in case he became board. Within 10 minutes of him jumping out of the car he spotted another little boy that took interest in what he was doing. He apparently spotted the fun that my son was having along with his two cap guns and slowly wandered over. I have nothing else to do at the time so I leaned against my car and watched this unfold. He’d walked close enough then stopped. “Hi” my son said. “Hi” the boy responded.“ Do you want to be me friend and play with my cap guns?” The boy nodded his head. “Yes” he replied. The next five seconds of the story involved the two of them running toward an open area shooting caps at each another. Thou not surprised by simple child behavioral occurrences, I still continued to watch for a brief period silently telling the boys to enjoy the fruits of being young while they still young and innocent.

    Not to shake any ones faith that this couldn’t happen in that fashion as grown adults because it possibly can. Maybe somewhere amidst our complications and confusions in adult life you will happen upon a someone that was so easy to find and that you’ll keep and cherish for ever. It’s just that kids make it look so easy and expect so little.

    But for the rest of us I ask, how long has it been since our last discovery of a true friend and companionship? Unlike the two boys, as adults, many times friends must stand the test of time in years to grow and become meaningful exhibiting all of the familiar traits of a relationship in it’s process. Personally, I look for traits of Trustworthiness, Kindness, Loyalty, Compassion, love, and easy on MY PERSONAL SPACE PART’NA! Sorry, but even in the best of relationships need room. Unfortunately being without companionship doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s just a problem that single people face because it’s not. You may be surprised to know that married individuals also are faced with this emptiness.

    Here’s the break-down. As children, to survive and grow, physically, mentally and emotionally, we needed to be touched, caressed and shown recognition. This physical handling, or stroking, stimulates the release of growth hormones. As one grows out of the childhood, there still remains the important need for physical stimulus, although decrease in intensity the basic needs for recognition and comfort remains. It still makes us feel safe and happy. This is a need that will always sustain us throughout our lives. This form of recognition can have an effect on the recipient that can be described ranging from a neutral effect to intense pleasure. It is important to realize that inadequate recognition and not have sufficient positive physical and psychological strokes often leads to mental anxiety, depression and illness. To be starved of human contact and recognition is detrimental.

    As natural care givers ourselves we also face the challenges of motivating others. It’s quite natural to stumble with our words on what to say and what to do. When faced with supporting others, I alone have said some dumb things in the past. I’ve tried my best to comfort and walk with a pal and out of nowhere something foolish and crazy slipped out of my month that I wish that I could take back. Oh my! Not after I watched every word? Immediately after I said it I have could just kicked myself. To this day I hope that she quickly forgot about it. But it’s cool. Today we’re still the best of friends but never-the-less, I was there.

    To have a love one in your corner during times of adversity can be a beautiful and golden experience. It’s the welcome of unconditional praises that’s fulfilling under any condition. Having a true companion can help stand you up, getting you vertical again and put you back in the game. Please belief me when I tell you that our overall personality is improved along with an increase in our emotional balance and stability. At time their able to hold your head above water when your loneliness and solitude may become no longer bearable, and other times just to share a nice level of intimacy. Whatever shared, there’s relief and laughter to be rediscovered when confining in a trusted friend, knowing with full confidence that the person you call friend has your best interest at hand during your ill affairs.

    Outside of associates I have a verity of friends that I mentally file in areas of space . I also have a very, very small group that I share some of the personal areas of my life with–and some I feed with the proverbial long handle spoon. Friends that I’m quite fond of, and enjoy spending time with, and friends that sometimes I feel obligated to myself to keep it simple and keep it moving. Yes, they too are my friends but remember, not everyone can be on your emotional team. Whatever the matter, there my friends and I still love them—what can I say.

    In closing, it’s important to understand that as human beings we’re pre-wired for a source of stability outside of ourselves. It’s one of our basic life survival functions, and one of our primary coping strategy.

    It’s equally important to know that being alone doesn’t necessarily means your lonely. It’s possible to feel quite connected and content all by yourself, at best, for some given length of time. In fact, being without a friend or companion can be a healthy when it signals you to come back and connect. At other times it’s not. Be aware when it’s more complicated than that.

    Happy living everybody. Out!

    By Jimivega

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