Do you imagine?

Every one imagines,to achieve,this,or,that,take up,new project,get name and fame.

But,then,why at all imagine?

Imagination,is the first step to give a shape to your,may like to take up a project,in a very big way,but,you like to give it a shape.So,you start imagining,how do I go about,in starting,executing,concluding.For all this you start,imagining,first.

Real hard task masters,project leaders,spend their time in imagination.some of them,even close their eyes,sit calmly,imagine.Others around him/her think this guy is in deep sleep.They are mistaken.The imagination process is going on.It will be taking shape,soon.

Those who imagine,well,do well in their daily works,new works,new projects.They some times imagine,the pros and cons of a problem.If one imagines means,his/her mind is working at great intellectual level.

Some people have excellent skills of imagination.They put those skills into operation,of a project.

People with good imagination,are always,welcome to handle any complicated,difficult project.With out any imagination,you are struck,in the middle.There are Project Heads,Managing Directors,Chief Executives who are just paid very handsome remunerations,as they can do best,imagination.That is the value of imagination.In my 40 years of professional experience in Textiles,Environment,Pollution Control areas,I had made use of my skills in imagination.some times,you imagine good,bad,ugly.You never know,what is the scope of you,your project,your colleagues,sub ordinates.Just imagine about all these,very slowly,coolly,carefully,and reach decisions.


Generally for top posts,people with good skills of imagination,are welcome.Some think,imagination,means,day dreaming.In my opinion,imagination is a continuous thought process,all the 24 hours,a day,through out the year.

so,why not sharpen your skills of imagination,and get going?

Just,try imagining from this very moment,you really see to yourself,what rich dividends you get out of your own,imagination.

If you imagine well,you manage well,your project,in time,on time,before time.

Try,yourself.see,the difference,yourself.



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