What is meant by manage?

Manage means handling a business operation.To handle any business operation,one has to manage Men,Materials,Machines.These three 3M’s are very essential in any business.It is not so difficult to manage materials,machines.As you purchase high quality machines,for running your unit.Similarly,you purchase best quality materials,to manufacture your end product.


This is the area,in business operations,which has to be handled very carefully.In any organization,men are selected,after very careful interview process.But,after these men join how they do their work,as per the schedules,procedures,time frames is very important.


The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people,but real management is developing people through work.Many organizations,believe in developing people through work.The reason is,as the organization,has its own products,delivery schedules,quality control,customer care,after sales service,the organization,therefore,sets its own procedures,stipulated delivery,they train their employees,from time to time,so that the workforce,is always fine tuned,to take up,challenges,in organization.

There is a very important saying,by swami vivekananda — In a day,when you don’t come across any problems – you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong,problems,are part of a process.

It is said “The greatest saving of all is better utilisation of our time.This directly affects practically every phase of the business in terms of expense and “– By Leo Burnett.

It is wiser to find out than to suppose – – Mark Twain.

Many well managed organizations,believe in training their employees,from time to time.

This pays,rich dividends,in long run.



  1. Well managed people,means well managed,organization.

  2. What I find is that when you put the right people in place, there is very little management that must be done. I think that a pre-cursor to management is an effective interview process. Beth

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