Do you feel,you are alone?

Many people feel they are alone.They do not have friends,companions,well wishers,to share their feelings,miseries,happiness,sorrow.They are longing to have someone with whom they can share their pain.But,they do not find anyone to see them,talk to them,offer a warm shoulder,offer a helping hand.


Why? Why? Why?


As they feel lonely,desolate,they lose their own self confidence,courage.They lose hope on themselves,think they are absolutely alone,in this vast world.

How do they manage,to come out of such a very unhappy,delicate situation?Is it,over for them,to continue living in this world.No,never,ever.

One must know that he came alone into this world.It is he who has to live,make friends,well wishers,relatives,in the course of his life cycle.

No one is alone in this world.God is there with every one.God has created human beings,animals,plants,mountains,oceans,sea life,sky,earth,fire,water,sun,moon,stars.All these to give company to each other.

can anyone not talk to a plant,a bird,a tree,a mountain,a stream,a ice berg.It is possible.Provided you have the true will in you to do,this.

Where there is a will,there is a way.Then why not have will?Will power is inbuilt power,from each.It may be a human being,a animal,a fish.Every creature  made by God,likes to live,survive.What do we learn from a tiny pigeon,making a warm nest,for its siblings?It gets up,in the morning,to collect food grains for its small ones.After feeding them,it goes to collect,tiny twigs,to make a nest.

so,we human beings must look around,see around,understand,then start getting will power.God,is also watching from above.HE helps those who try to help themselves.

Never feel alone.God is there every where.Look for HIM,at HIM,you will realize,soon.

No one is alone in this world.It is only a feeling,never a true fact.So,feel yourself as if you are surrounded by flowers,trees,plants,birds,animals,human beings.Mingle with all,as they are all created by GOD,just as you are created by GOD.

Once you understand this most basic point,you will never,ever feel alone,lonely.

So,never say,you are alone.Feel you are not alone.

That feeling itself,will make you feel,you are not alone.


  1. Therese Ramsauer said:

    I agree with you and appreciate these thoughts very much.

    When ever we are able to feel love within ourselves towards God, people, nature, animals, plants, we feel connected with them and then we don’t feel alone, desolate or lost.

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