Happy New Year 2012,is just four days from today.we all are awaiting the arrival of New Year,with lot of hope,expectations.Year 2011,has been so fruitful,to me.From January 01,2011,each day has been quite testing,challenging,and full of thrills,twists,all along from Jan 01,till today.

What we expect from the New Year 2012?


Before expecting anything from the New Year 2012,it is always better to ask ourselves,as to what do we do during 2012.Is it connected with our health,career,profession,commitments?It may be anything or may be every thing.But it better to work hard,with determination,concentration to get better improvement compared to 2011.

Many times we expect more,though we do less.It should be the other way.Work more,expect less.If this is followed,the results will automatically,encouraging.But,our human nature is try to work less,expect more pay,perks,incentives.Why?It is because of our own laziness,lethargy,we develop over a period of time,that we do not work with sincerity,focus our mind,heart on the crucial work.

If we work with total concentration on our aim,nothing can stop us in achieving our cherished goals.


Thanks,to all.

  1. Therese Ramsauer said:

    Dear Ramakrishna. Thank you very much for the good wishes and your interesting thoughts.
    I wish you also a very happy, fruitful and successful New Year 2012.
    You’re right, it’s better to expect less an to do / work more – and this with determination, commitment and total concentration. And if we expect something, we should primary expect something of ourselves and not of other people. This leads to the best results and can even save friendships. The more we expect of others, the easier we get disappointed. So, let’s hope the best, but expect less.

  2. Dear Therese.Thank you very much for your nice comment.
    One should be always,simple in living,think highly,to achieve
    ambitions.Secondly one must rise in life,lend a hand to others
    who need a helping hand.That is the real way to live a life.
    Thanks, a lot.

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