In this world there are very rich,rich,middle class,poor,very poor people.All want to survive.All want to meet their demands,requirements.They make all out efforts to take care of their necessities.

There are very rich people,who come to that position,from rags to riches.They start their life from rags.Born to very poor parents,poverty,ill health,illiteracy,all chasing them,life long.But,these people face all difficulties,miseries to achieve their goal,aim.At the end they win,to become very very rich people,with lot of respect,in society.

But,these very rich people never forget,their past life.They lead most simple,unassuming life.They have all comforts,luxuries at their beck and call.But,they never change.They have only one aim.To help,those who are very,very poor,help them financially,to get free food,free education,free clothing.

Now,there are very very poor people.But they have lot of self respect.They never like to take any financial help,from any one.They have a determination,will,to come up on their own.But,money becomes their constraint,in every step they put.so,who comes to their genuine helplessness?

There are these very very rich people who have lot of wealth,but they want their wealth,to reach,really deserving people.So,they form a trust,like a charitable trust,and pump in their wealth,for social causes.From these trusts these very,very poor people get their financial requirements,met.


But,what is to be seen,felt,is the self respect of these very,very poor people.In my life time,span of 64 years,I have come across many trusts which are run by very kind,good,philanthropists,who want each rupee to reach,really deserving candidates,for food,education,shelter,clothing.

Is it not a pleasure to see very,very rich people helping very,very poor people,but without any fanfare,remaining anonymous?


OK.Then who takes care of these kind,noble,good people?


GOD,takes care of them.

  1. Kind,good people must increase in this world.

  2. Therese Ramsauer said:

    Thank you very much for sharing these interesting and valuable thoughts and experiences. You’re quite right, God takes care of these kind, noble, good people. But these people also take care of themselves in this way. Although they are very humble, they know, that they achieve a good deed, that they do something valuable. This helps them to increase their self respect and their contentedness with their own life.

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