Many of us do a right or a wrong daily,in our routine life.RIGHT?

How do we react to a right,a wrong,or no reaction?

when ever we take a decision,or guide a person may be a male/female,we may be right/wrong.

This is quite common.No problem.

Problem,starts,when we doubt,suspect a male/female.we start imagining so many things.Instead of doubting,suspecting why not talk straight,with the person,and clear yourself?

Generally,very few of us,clear with a person,on whom,we have suspicion,doubt.Suspicion,doubt on a person is the root cause of all our problems.A country may have doubts,suspicion on another country.Reason/s may be innumerable.similarly,a person doubts,suspects another person.Reasons may be very childish,silly.

I talk to a person about a opinion,advice.He/she may/may not show response,reaction,at once.We do not take that lightly.we spend more time,energy,in thinking,why that he/she has not responded/reacted to you,positively.Every human being is having different ideas,life style,just like different fingers to our palm.

Just I want to share a example here.some one is working in a office.His boss calls,him and scolds him,for some laxity in work.That person starts giving lame excuses.Boss does not agree to lame excuses.In the mean while one of his colleagues,enters into the room,on some work.He sees that person getting kicks from boss.After some time,both come out.Both look at each other,become serious,and spend time in tension.can you guess the reason,for their tension?

Reason for tension?

Person A,thinks person B,is laughing at A.Also B thinks A is laughing and finally both A & B,are under un-necessary tension.

So,it is better to have direct talk,and clear one self.What is the use of just keeping tension,in self,and have stress.

so,just say “EXCUSE ME PLEASE”,and talk clearly,correctly,directly,and solve each other’s problems.

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