Today,in any profession or any business,one is expected to show results,as quickly as possible.

Then only you can survive in your profession or in any business.For getting results,one has to work very hard,with lot of concentration,devotion,dedication on the work assigned to you.Naturally each work needs,a certain time period,may be a week,a month,a quarter,a half year,a year,depending on the project you are assigned with.


suppose you do not plan well about your assignment,you end up with unexpected,complications,delays,unexpected,expenditures and finally,end up,in lot of complications.Project stands are in a fix.

So,it is therefore very much necessary to study the pros and cons of the project very much in advance.Decide what way you want to carry out the project,then start working out the minutest details,of the execution,of the project,with a time frame,schedules.

If you do not achieve the expected,minimum results,you are naturally,out.

Then you start trying to shield yourself with umpteen reasons.In the process,you end up in more,complications.

So,try hard to show results,not in giving reasons,sometimes,very silly,reasons.

Give results & not reasons.

  1. I agree, problems are questions needing an answer right when they pop out, not after. There is no use “in crying over split milk…”

    • Thank you,so much.I appreciate your views.

  2. L.Balu said:

    good ramakrishna,This is the philosophy we adopted in coats wish you all success

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