Generally,human nature is to hesitate,when some one asks,you to tell,frankly,what you wish to say.This,is quite common,nothing wrong,in this.But,are you,feeling comfortable,by not being frank?


A good question,to ourself.We always wish to tell,frankly,what is in our mind.But,circumstances,situations,prevail,on our mind,and we try,to say,very little,or sometimes,nothing.


How do you,solve this.Difficult.But,nothing wrong in trying to say,frankly.It so,happens,that after a discussion,we feel,we should,have told frankly,facts.But,it becomes,,decide,before,to tell frankly.Not,feel,bad,after the discussion,is over.


Better,be frank.That helps,one,so much.

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  1. Therese Ramsauer said:

    Thank you very much for this interesting article. You are right, we wish to tell frankly, what is in our mind. It is a great feeling, if we can do this, and it also may help a lot, for example to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. And, we would surely be more often frank, if we would never have to fear any negative consequences by being frank. As children surely all of us were more open, frank, but when we grew up, we made certain experiences, which showed us, that it isn’t always good for us, to be frank. So each one of us has more or less often and from situation to situation to decide himself/herself, how frank he/she can or want to be. We can help others to be more frank, if we ourselves behave tolerant, understanding, trustworthy, respectfully….

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